Stansfeld to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
Treasury Chambers
4th May 1870
The Lords Commissoners of Her Majesty's Treasury having had before them Mr Herberts Letter of the 16th ultimo explaining the usual practice with respect to the payment of the passage of Private Secretaries to Colonial Governors direct me to state for the information of Earl Granville that they approve of the payment of a sum of £110 to Mr Maunsell Private Secretary to the late Governor of BritishColumbiaManuscript image Columbia to reimburse him for the expense of his passage home as proposed in Mr Herberts Letter of the 2nd ultimo.
I am etc.
James Stansfeld
Minutes by CO staff
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CC 5/5
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Mr Herbert
Qu. Authorize the Paymaster General to pay the £110, and inform Mr Maunsell.
Account & Order Payable herewith for signature, & Dft for approval.
JSL 5/5/70
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He is a lucky fellow.
At once.
RGWH May 5/70
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Noted (page 187).
JSL 5/5/70
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Herbert to D.C. Maunsell, 5 May 1870, advising that £110 reimbursement for his passage would be forthcoming.