Mackonochie to Head Clerk
Aug 22 1870

I think it possible that the address of Mr Commissioner Trutch, from British Columbia, who is now in England may be knownManuscript image at the Colonial Office. If so, I shall be exceedingly obliged if you will kindly direct and post the inclosed for him. I am very anxious to communicate with him at once.Manuscript image If you do not know his address, please return it to me at the above address.
Yours faithfully,
Alex Heriot Mackonochie

To the Head Clerk
(or other) Colonial Office
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Blake
Put the address on the letter & then put by.
CC 23/8
People in this document

Blake, Ernest Edward

Cox, Charles

Mackonochie, Alex Heriot

Trutch, Joseph William

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Colonial Office

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British Columbia