Maunsell to Under-Secretary of State
Hargrave Lodge,
Hampstead Heath N.W.
24th March 1870

I have the honor to request that you will lay my claim to be re-imbursed the sum of one hundred and ten pounds, the amount of expenses incurred by me in returning to England from British Columbia, before theSecretaryManuscript image Secretary of State for his Lordship's favorable consideration.
In support of my application I venture to observe that Governor Seymour died while in the discharge of his Official duties and within a few months of the time when in the ordinary course of events he would have become entitled to the sum of £800 out of the Fund available for the Passages granted to Governors on retirement under the Rules and RegulationsforManuscript image for Her Majesty's Colonial Service. Out of this sum my Passage would have been paid.
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Mr Maunsell says he would have had his passage paid if as a member of Govr Seymour's Staff he had returned with him.
I beg to state that I remained in the Colony, at my own expense, for some time after the arrival of Governor Musgrave, believing it to be my Public duty in consequence of the sudden death of Mr Seymour to afford any information in my power to the New Governor.
I am,
Your most obedient humble Servant
D.C. Maunsell
Private Secretary to the late Governor Seymour

The Under Secretary
of State for the Colonies
&c &c &c
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Herbert
Had Governor Seymour lived on a few months he would have become entitled to £800 for his passage home whenever he did come.
As it was £500 was given to his Widow for this purpose.
As regards the expenditure of a Governor's Passage Allowance we know nothing—he is given a lump sum & he spends it as he chooses,Manuscript image tho' at the same time a Governor going out in a Queens Ship is allowed free passage for himself, Family & Suite—a Private Secy of course being included in the last.
I think the £500 given to Mrs Seymour must be taken as a payment in full.
CC 25/3
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Mr Maunsell's case appears to be rather a hard one—& he is now out of employment. The circumstances are exceptional. Still I almost fear that Mr Cox is right & that we cannot press this claim.
RGWH Mar 25/70
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I think we may give him £110. Still by the Governors unfortunate death we shall have saved £190.
WM 28/3
G 1/4
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Mr Lewes
This is an exceptional case you will see.
Can you order this payment of £110 to Mr Maunsell as part of the Governors Passage Allowance. His Widow had £500 of the £800. Or must he go to the Treasury.
CC 3/4
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Mr Cox
Treasury sanction is indispensable.
JSL 1/4/70
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Noted (p. 187).
JSL 5/5/70
Other documents included in the file
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Herbert to Secretary to the Treasury, 2 April 1870, forwarding Maunsell's application, with a recommendation for favorable consideration.