Enfield to Under-Secretary of State
22 February 1871
With reference to my letter of the 15th Instant, I am directed by Earl Granville to transmit to you for the information of the Earl of Kimberley, copies of a despatch and of its inclosures from Sir E. Thornton, in regard to the Census recently taken in the Island of San Juan by the United States authorities.
I am,
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Herbert
See minutes on 1745.
Now send to Govr Musgrave confidentially copies of the correspondence?
CC 25/2
RGWH Feb 25/71
FR 25/2
EHKH 25/2/71
K Feb: 27/71
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Edward Thornton, Washington, to Granville, Foreign Office, 6 February 1871, forwarding copies of his further correspondence with Hamilton Fish, U.S. Secretary of State, respecting the wording of a note to be appended to the U.S. census report.
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Fish to Thornton, 26 January 1871, agreeing to only the first half of an insertion suggested by Thornton.
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Thornton to Fish, 27 January 1871, accepting, with one point of clarification, Fish's proposed version of the note.
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Fish to Thornton, 31 January 1871, submitting a draft of the modified note for information.
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Note, no date, respecting the joint occupation of San Juan Island at the time of the U.S. census.
Other documents included in the file
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Draft reply, Kimberley to Musgrave, Confidential, 2 March 1871.