Notice of Question

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7. Viscount Sandon,—To ask the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies, whether the arrangements are completed for the union of the Colony of British Columbia with the Dominion of Canada:
Whether any negotiations have taken place respecting the Railway for connecting that Colony with Canada:
And, how soon he will be able to lay upon the Table of the House Papers upon this subject. (Monday 13th February.)
Minutes by CO staff
Mr Herbert
As you know we have only a telegram saying that the Columbia Legislature have passed an Address in favor of Confederation
Govr Tel/899—71.
And 94/9450—70.
A Railway is one of the questions dealt with in the agreement arrived at between the Govt of the Dominion & the Columbian Delegates.
Too soon to present any papers as there is still much to be done.
CC 9 Feb 71
The answer will be I suppose that the arrangements are not yet completed, the Legislature of Canada not havingManuscript image yet sanctioned the conditions on which it has been proposed that the Union should be effected.
That one of the conditions agreed upon by the two Governments is that a Railway to connect the seaboard of Br. Columbia with the Railway system of Canada shall be made.
That it would not be convenient to lay papers on the table at present, nor until the negotiations are further advanced.
(I anticipate that the Govt of Canada may [have] no little difficulty in getting the consent of the Legislature to the construction of a Railway, which it is said will cost £15,000,000 discussion of the arrangements in England.)
RGWH Feb 10/71