No. 5
24 January 1871
I have received your Despatch No. 154 of the 8th Ult. enclosing an application from Mr. Ball, one of the Stipendiary Magistrates in B.C. on behalf of his son to the nomination to a Naval cadetship for the present year.
The limited number of nominations placed at my disposalannuallyManuscript image annually by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, is allotted in the first instance to the North American and Australian Colonies.
If any of the Colonies to which nominations are due, omit to submit the name of a candidate within the first quarter of the year, in accordance with instructions contained in Mr. Cardwell's circular Despatch of the 25th October 1865, a copy of which I enclose, the nomination is considered to have lapsed. The Secretary of State is thus occasionally enabled to entertain applications from other Colonies. In view of this contingency my Predecessor's circular DespatchofManuscript image of the 11th June was sent to B.C.
You will inform Mr. Ball that if any Colony should fail to nominate a Candidate within the prescribed period, I may be able to submit the name of his son to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty for the lapsed nomination.
I must however clearly explain that the object of these nominations to naval cadetships is not to benefit the Colonial Public service, but to connect with this country, through the royal navy, members of families who are fixed in the Colonies irrespectivelyofManuscript image of any public employment. It is only in the absence of applications of this kind that I consider myself at liberty to exercise these nominations on behalf of the sons of Public Officers.
I transmit to you for your information and guidance copies in duplicate of the circular Despatches noted in the margin,

18 Augt 1868
2 Oct 1869
14 May 1870
25 Jan 71
relative to the examination and entry &c of naval cadets copies of which should be given to Mr. Ball for his information. The form enclosed in the circular Despatch of 18th August 1868 should be filled up [by] him and transmitted to me at your earliest convenience.
IManuscript image
I also enclose a copy of a letter which I have cause to be addressed to Mr. Ball's son in this country, acquainting him with the result of the application which has been made on his behalf.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Knatchbull Hugessen to H.C. Ball, c/o J.W. Nicholls, 25 January 1871, forwarding copy of Kimberley's reply to Musgrave as noted above, along with other information pertinent to his application for a cadetship.
Manuscript image
Circulars and correspondence from 18 August 1868, 2 October 1869, 8 March 1870, 14 May 1870, 20 April 1870, and 25 Jan 71, transmited by Kimberley indicating the Admiralty's policies on Naval Cadetship.