No. 65
28 June 1871
In consequence of the approaching change in the constitution of the Office of the Governor of B.C. by which he will cease to be an Officer appointed by the Queen, and to correspond direct with the Secretary of State I have to request that you willselectManuscript image select from the Records of the Colony all Despatches from the Secretary of State to the Governor which are marked as confidential or secret, and also similar Despatches from the Governor to the Secretaries of State and cause them to be packed in packing cases and transmitted to me at this office.
If it should be found that such Despatches have been bound up with public Despatches, I shall wish you to send them all to me. If on the other hand the public Despatches have been kept separately you will cause them to be packedinManuscript image in cases to await any directions you may receive from Lord Lisgar with whom I have communicated as to their ultimate disposal.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant