1607 N. America

House of Commons.


Mercurii, 16° die Augusti, 1848.
That an humble Address be presented to Her Majesty, that She will be graciously pleased to give directions that there be laid before this House, Copies or Extracts of a Despatch to the Admiralty, from Rear Admiral Sir George Seymour, dated Her Majesty's ship Collingwood, Valparaiso, the 8th day of February 1847:
Of a Despatch from Commander Gordon, dated Her Majesty's Steam sloop Cormorant, Nesgually, the 7th day of October 1846, to Captain J.A. Duntze, of Her Majesty's ship Fesguard, being an Inclosure in the last:
Of a Letter dated Fort Vancouver, the 7th day of September 1846, signed Peter Keen Ogden and James Douglas, addressed to Captain Duntze, of Her Majesty's ship Fesguard:
2{[despatch content]} Col. Office
Copies or Extracts of a Report by Lieutenants Wane and Vavasour, dated the
1st day of November 1845, addressed to the Secretary of State for the Colonies, relating to soil, climate, minerals, and harbours:
Copies or Extracts of a Report by Lieutenant Vavasour, dated March 1846, addressed to Colonel Holloway, of the Royal Engineers, Canada, to the same effect:"
4And, Copy of
And, of the Instructions sent by the Admiralty to the Commanding Officer, or any other Officer on the Pacific Station, relative to the Coals in Vancouver's Island; and of the Correspondence between the Colonial Office and the
____} C.O
5Papers presented to House of Commons 14 Feb. 1849.
Admiralty on the same subject.
J H Ley
G I Dom Corr
Minutes by CO staff
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1 The order of the 14th August for presenting an Address is discharged
Mem: The report from Lieutenants Warre & Vavasour is dated 26. Oct:/45. & was enclosed to Lord Metcalfe in a letter bearing date 1. Nov/45.
HM S. 4
Mr Elliot
I conclude that the papers required under numbers 3. & 4. should now be produced.
ABd 18/8.
Mr Hawes
I believe Mr Blackwood is right, but you will best be able to state whether the Order has been amended as wished
T.F.E. 18/8
Aug 19 This is perfectly correct now. I wd particularly wish the return laid before the H. as soon as possible especially the Extracts of Lt Warres reports on the Island
G. 19
Mr Hawes.
Lt Vavasour's report of of March 1846 was sent to the F.O. in original — upon enquiry there, I am informed that Lord Palmerston wd wish it to be officially asked for.
WFH. 22 Augt
Aug 22 BH.
  1. Though no signature appears, it is presumed to be Vavasour's hand.
  2. These curly brackets wrap and extend to include the paragraph below; see image scan.
  3. The X appears to mark the start of an underlined poriton of the text; see image scan.
  4. It appears that the word "And" is crossed out with the intention to replace it with "Copy of," although the latter addition occurs above the word "Instructions." This paragraph contains other faint marks, lines, and deletions; see image scan.
  5. Underlined text appears above the following marginalia, although it is unclear in the microfilm image; see image scan.
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Blackwood, Arthur Johnstone

Douglas, James

Duntze, John Alexander

Elliot, Thomas Frederick

Elphinstone-Holloway, William Cuthbert

Gordon, George Thomas

Grey, Henry George

Hawes, Benjamin

Higgins, William Frederick

Ley, J. H.

Merivale, Herman

Metcalfe, Charles Theophilus

Ogden, Peter Skeene

Seymour, George Francis

Temple, Henry John

Vavasour, Mervin

Warre, Henry James

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Colonial Office

Foreign Office

Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty

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HMS Collingwood, 1841-1867

HMS Cormorant, 1842-1853

HMS Fisgard, 1819-1879

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Fort Vancouver

Nisqually, or Fort Nisqually


Vancouver Island