1141. N. America

British Museum
June 6th 1848.
Dear Sir,
Since I saw you on Saturday I have received a letter of which I enclose you a copy for the information of Earl Grey respecting the character of the Hudson's Bay Coy on the N.W. Coast of America.
The writer was for many years in the service of the Coy as the Capt of one of their vessels, but having some independant property now commands a barque of his own.
His statements fully bear out my own. No one who has taken the trouble to enquire will give a different opinion.
I have the honor to be
dear Sir,
Your obedt Servant
James Edward Fitzgerald

Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
This is a further statement against the prudence of employing the Hudsons Bay Company to settle Van Couver's Island.
ABd 7/6
HM June 7
June 8 BH
I think it wd be advisable to communicate the substance of the informatn allegatns contained in this & Lt Dundas's letter to be communicated to the Co sayg that while I hope the complaints are not well founded the fact that they are made suggest the propriety of introducg into the Manuscript imagegrant to be made to them conditns enforcg the colonizatn of the island to some definite extent under pain of forfeiture.
G. 8
Mr Merivale directed that this Letter should be put by the arrangement with the Hudson's B. Co having rendered the execution of Lord Grey's instruction unnecessary.
ABd 29/Sep.
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Charles Humphreys to Fitzgerald, 6 June 1848, arguing that the Hudson's Bay Company should not be given possession of Vancouver Island for the purpose of colonization.