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30 Sidney Street
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15 April 1848
Your Lordship being Her Most Gracious Majesty's Secretary of State for the Colonies I beg to ask you
1Ansd 27 April / 48.
1st If there are any obstacles in the way of a Colony being formed in Vancouvers Island.
2nd If such obstacles if there any Could be removed by legislative enactment and if your Lordship would giveManuscript image a Scheme for Colonising that and the neighbouring Continent your powerful support.—
An answer to these questions would oblige
Your Lordship's
Most Obedient Servant
Alex B Freeland
The Right Hon Lord Grey
Principal Secretary of State
for the Colonies
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
Should the writer be referred to Sir J. Pelly?
(The papers have passed from me, & I am not precisely acquainted with the position of the question relative to the Colonization of Vancouver's Island)
ABd 20/4.
Mr Hawes
I think refer to Sir H Pelly?
HM Apl 20
Apr 20
I hardly know what Sir J. Pelly can say? I think it would be better to say that at present no such plan is matured?
G. 22
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Draft, Colonial Office to Freeland, 27 April 1848, advising that in the absence of a plan for colonizing Vancouver Island, Grey could not answer his enquiries on the subject.
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