1723 { N. America
                 {Vancouvers Isld

I am preparing a report on the Hudson Bay territories & Vancouvers island — in the hope that it may be of some use to Lord Grey.
I shall feel obliged by
1Ans"d 13 Sept / 48
being permitted to refer to any public documents there may be in this office on the subject.
R.M. Martin
4 Sepr 1848
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
Should this request be declined?
ABd 5/9.
There is always a certain amount of difficulty in dealing with this class of applications from fear of involving the office in the danger of being regarded as patron of […] a library work. I presume from this memorandum that Sir J. Pelly has declined to countenance Mr M. Martin's work & he now wishes to write on his own account. Perhaps he may be informed that any specific application for common the inspection of particular documents will be attended to,x but that while an enquiry into the conduct of the H.B. Co. in its settlements is pending, Lord Grey cannot allow the documents relating to that enquiry to be made public.
HM S. 5.
Sep 5 BH
Omittg the latter part the proposed ansr will be quite — he must state distinctly on what particular proposals points he requires informatn. —
G. 7/
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Draft, Colonial Office to Martin, 13 September 1848, stating he could examine papers in the Colonial Office provided he first specified on what points he required information.
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