2035 — Vancouver's Island
4 Moreton Villas
Kentish Town
26 Octr 1848.
I solicit permission from Earl Grey to add to my exposition of the Hudson Bay question — the
3Ansd 8 Nov / 48
amendments which have been made on the draft Charter for Vancouver's island, — & I have the honor to request that you will do me the favor to move His Lordship accordingly.
I have the honor to be
Your most Obt St
RM Martin

B. Hawes Ere

Under Secy of State
for the Colonies
Minutes by CO staff
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The amendments are not yet completed, and I had written a minute on this letter asking whether this would not be the best answer. But it has since been settled that the amendments will receive a pro formâ approval tomorrow. Much must depend on Lord Grey's opinion as to the expediency of enabling Mr Martin to publish these amendments without delay. If his pamphlet is to be in favor of the policy which has been adopted, and if Lord Grey thinks that there wd be any advantage in an early disclosure of the amendments, MrMartin might be told that His Lordship cannot at the present moment put him in possession of them, but that should his work not be about immediately to appear there would be no objection to place him in possession of this information as soon as it can be done with convenience. If the contrary view be adopted I presume that it would be a sufficient ground of refusal that it is not thought proper to publish this information until there shall have been an opportunity of laying it before Parliament.
T.FE. 30 Octr
O 30 The work is in favor of the H.B. Cy — their policy — & the transfer of V.C. Island to them.
I think the first ansr will be the right one. —
G. 2/
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Draft, Colonial Office to Martin, 8 November 1848, advising that the information was not currently available but would be provided as soon as possible.
Minutes by CO staff
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N.B. This answer probably should go, for the sake of courtesy, but I have heard from Mr Martin that his work is so advanced, that it will not be worth while to detain it for these amendments.
TFE. 4/11
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