3173_ Vancouver's Island

April 14th 1849
I have laid before Viscount Palmerston your letter
2Sir J Pelly informed 20 April / 49
of the 7th Instant, stating that Earl Grey wishes to Know whether Lord Palmerston sees any objection to Mr Adams, Her Majesty's Chargé d'Affaires in Peru, being authorized to receive, on behalf of the Hudson's Bay Company, payments for grants of Land, and to his giving Certificates of purchase to Emigrants desirous of settling in Vancouver's Island. And I am, in reply, to request that you will state to Earl Grey, that Lord Palmerston sees no objection to Mr Adams beingManuscript image being authorized to act on behalf of the Hudson's Bay Company in the manner above stated. —
I am, Sir,
Your Most Obdedient
Humble Servant

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Mr Merivale
Communicate this result to the Hudson's Bay Company?
ABd 16./4/49.
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Draft, Colonial Office to Sir John Pelly, Hudson's Bay Company, 20 April 1849, advising that the Foreign Office had no objection to Adams acting on behalf of the company.
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