North America.
Vancouver's Isld

Hudson's Bay House
26th, May 1849
My Lord
On the 25th October last Mr Under Secretary Hawes informed me by Your Lordships direction, that the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty intended to send a Steam Vessel and a Sloop of War to Vancouver's Island for the purpose of general Survey and careful examination.
Finding that up to the present time nothing has been done towards carrying their Lordships
2Ans"d 4 June/49.
intention into effect, I feel it my duty to draw Your Lordship's attention to the subject, the more particularly as from the extracts, which I have the honor to enclose, of a letter from the Company's officers in charge at Fort Vancouver, accompanied by a copy of Resolutions adopted at a meeting of American citizens held in the neighbourhood ofManuscript image Nisqually, there is reason to fear that unless the turbulent and evil disposed are overawed by the presence of a British Ship of war, very serious consequences will ensue.
I have the honor to be
My Lord
Your Lordships obedt
J H Pelly

1The Right Honble
the Early Grey
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
Should the Admiralty be requested to state whether they have made any alteration in the intention announced so long ago as Octr last of sending some of the Queen's Ships to VanCouver's Island. The probability is that the Commodore Rear Admiral on the Station has recd the necessary instructions, but that there has not been sufficient time to report the measures he has taken on the subject.
ABd 28/5
Mr Hawes
This communication is rather important, but it looks as if the HBC's real object was rather the protection of their interests in the Columbia River than that of the new establishment in Vancouver's Island, which does not seem to be in any way menaced by these proceedings of the American settlers in Oregon. But unless some steps are taken by the U.S. government to complete its proposed purchase of the Company's property on the Columbia, international difficulties seem likely to arise. These papers seem of a might be sent to the F.O. but, I suppose, the Company will take care to communicate in that quarter whatever they consider important. To the Admiralty, with inquiry as suggested by Mr Blackwood?
HM May 29
M 29 BH
I think it will be better to refer Sir J.P. to the F.O. as the present letter has no relatn to the interests of the compy within the Bish territory.
G. 30
Other documents included in the file
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Draft, Colonial Office to Pelly, 4 June 1849, suggesting that the company should communicate their concerns to the Foreign Office.
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Copy, Resolutions adopted by a meeting of American citizens, Newmarket, Lewis County, 5 November 1848, complaining of certain practices and land claims of the "Puget Sound Agricultural Society."
Manuscript image
Extract of letter from Peter Skene Ogden and James Douglas, 1 October 1848, describing the difficult relations between the Hudson's Bay Company and the American settlers on the Columbia River and urging that a British vessel be stationed in the vicinity to provide a show of force.