4304. Vancouvers Island

6 Hasns Terrace
Douglas, Isle of Man
May 15th 1849
With reference to the Command with which I was lately
2Ansd 24 May/49
entrusted in the Hudson's Bay Territory, and to the intention announced in some of the Publick Prints, of Her Majesty's Government Manuscript imageto apportion one or more Companies of Enrolled Pensioners for Service in Vancouver's Island, as at the Red River Settlement in Rupert's Land, I venture to solicit your good offices to bring my name under the notice of Earl Grey, in the event of the Governor of Vancouver's Island being appointedManuscript image under similar Circumstances, to those attending the appointment of Major Caldwell, to that of Assiniboia, Red River
I have the honor to be
Your very Obedient
humble Servant
John Griffiths
Major 6th foot
late in Command
of Her Majesty's Troops
Hudson's Bay.

Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale.
The ansr, I apprehend, is that this appointedment has been already bestowed on Mr Douglas.
ABd 17/5
HM May 17
M 18 BH
I believe nothing has yet been settled as to sendg out a Co. of Pensioners — as well as I remember this was only to be done in the event of the H.B.Co agreeing to bear the expense? —
G. 18
Mr Smith
Do you know anything about these Pensioners?. I do not.
ABd 21/5
Mr Blackwood
Nothing is known to me upon this subject.
PS 21 May
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Manuscript image
Draft, Colonial Office to Griffiths, 24 May 1849, advising that they had no opportunity at present of employing him as commander of enrolled pensioners at Vancouver Island.
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
A note must be made of the applicatn in case another Co. of Pensioners shd be sent to any colony
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Blackwood, Arthur Johnstone

Caldwell, William Bletterman

Douglas, James

Grey, Henry George

Griffiths, John

Hawes, Benjamin

Merivale, Herman

Smith, Peter

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Colonial Office

Hudson's Bay Company

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