910 Vancouvers Island

34 Leicester Square
23 Jany 1849
The events which are now taking place on the North West Coast of America, give so totally different an aspect to
2Ansd 6 Feb/49.
any colonizing project, in that part of the world, to what existed six months ago, that I trust I may be excused for drawing your attention to one point in the conveyance of Vancouver's Island to the Hudsons Bay Company, which appears worthy of consideration.
The principal object had in view in using the Hudson's Bay Company as a colonizing agent, seems to have been the more speedy occupation of that remote portion of her Majesty's dominionsManuscript image in question, by British subjects, which might be obtained through the means offered by their official machinery, and other resources already on the spot; by which inducements would be held out to immigrants not attainable in any other manner. — Circumstances have, however, so altered the case, that what a few months since was only a fair equivalent for services to be rendered, is likely to become a very valuable boon and to prove a source of great and immediate profit to the grantee's.
Under these circumstances I take the liberty of bringing to your notice the propriety of appointing some person to watch over the proceedings of the Company, in the Colony, and to report to Government, by every opportunity, the Manuscript imagesteps taken by them to fulfil the conditions of their contract. I think the necessity of some measure of the sort will become apparrent when it is remembered that the Government have reserved to themselves the right of repurchasing the island in 1860 by repayment of all sums expended. No supervision of expenditure, in the mean time, is […] seems to be provided for; and the only information secured, is a biennial report from the Directors of their own proceedings.
I am aware that the present is not the time to propose the creation of New offices, but as their Charter stipulates that all civil & military officers employed, in the colony, by the Government, shall Manuscript imagebe paid by the Company, no difficulty it is apprehended would exist on that score.
With many apologies for my presumption in thus troubling you
I am, Sir,
Your obedient Servant
H. Moreing

B. Hawes, Esqr, M.P.
&c &c &c
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ABd 30/1
Mr Merivale
The writer suggests that an agent be appointed at Vancouver's Island to watch over the proceedings of the Hudson's Bay Company. I should hardly suppose the suggestion will be entertained?
T.F.E. 30/1
I shd think not. The writer is I believe a very respectable Person
Jy 30 BH
G — 31
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Draft, Colonial Office to Moreing, 6 February 1849, advising that Grey had no present intention of creating such an office as suggested.
  1. No signature is given, but this minute is presumed to be Blackwood's.
  2. This text runs perpendicular to main body text; see image scan.
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