2727. Vancouver's Island.

Novr 18. 1850.
My Lord,
I regret to inform your Lordship that I find myself compelled to tender my resignation
2Copy to Hudsons Bay Compy […]/51
Vide to Admiralty// —.
Ackd 3 April/51 No 7
as governor, and solicit an immediate recall from this colony, as my private fortune is utterly insufficient for the mere costs of living here, so high have prices been run up by the Hudson's Bay Company, and as there are no independent settlers every requisite for existence must be obtained from them;
My health has completely given way under repeated attacks of ague, and shows no signs of amendment. Under these circumstances I trust your Lordship will at once recall me, and appoint some person as my successor whose larger fortune may enable himManuscript image to defray charges which involve me in certain ruin; I trust that your Lordship will give directions that I may be furnished with a passage as far as Panama in one of HM Ships, as my state of health will not bear the long voyage round Cape Horn, and being compelled to defray the expenses of my passage out, by the Hudson's Bay Company who repudiated the bills their Chairman had authorized me to draw, has so straightened my private means, that I am unable to pay the heavy expenses of the route through California.
I have the honor to be,
My Lord
Your Most Obedient Servant,
Richard Blanshard.
Governor of Vancouvers Island

1The Rt Honble
Earl Grey
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
Mr Blanshard was given a passage in a Queen's Ship from Callao to VanCouver's Island, & the expense paid by the Public —: Probably if his resignation is accepted a similar indulgence will now be accorded him — always supposing the Admiral on the Station has the means — on his return from the Settlement. See 2726.
ABd 29/3
But at all events this must go to the HBC. with reference to the charge of their "repudiating their bills"_ I cannot help remarking on the inconvenience of Lieut. Blanshard's habit of Manuscript imageindulging his hostility to the Company, whether well or ill founded, by throwing out these undefined & loose charges.
HM Mh 29
M 29 BH
Send a copy to the Co sayg that I propose to accept his resignatn & request to be informed whether they have any other gentleman to recommend for the appointment.
G. 31
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Draft reply, Grey to Blanshard, No. 7, 3 April 1851.
Manuscript image
Draft, Colonial Office to Hamilton, Admiralty, 7 April 1851, requesting passage for the governor to Panama.
Manuscript image
Draft, Colonial Office to Pelly, Hudson's Bay Company, 7 April 1851, advising of Blanshard's resignation and requesting the name of a possible replacement.
Manuscript image
Draft reply, Grey to Blanshard, no number, no date, advising the Admiralty had been instructed to convey him from Vancouver Island.
Minutes by CO staff
It is useless to send this to V.C. Island.
I think so.
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