19,539-4⁄10        8290 Van Couver's Islands

Treasury Chambers
9th October 1850
I have it in command to acquaint you, for the information
2Ansd 23 Oct/50.
of Earl Grey, that a Claim has been made upon the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury for the Payment of the Sum of 135,,5,,_ to Commander C.R. Johnson of Her Majesty's Steam Sloop "Driver" for the Passage of Mr Blanchard, Governor of Vancouver's Island, from Callao to that place, and I am to request that you will move Earl Grey to inform My Lords of the circumstances underManuscript image under which this Passage was afforded to Mr Blanchard, and whether his Lordship proposes that this Expense should be charged on the Funds of this Country —
I am
Your obedient Servt
C E Trevelyan
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
Governor Blanchard was promised a Passage from Panama in a Man of War to enable him to inspect the route to the Pacific by the way of the Isthmus which Settlers for Vancouver's Island are likely to take, & to enable him to reach his Government earlier than he otherwise wd do if he went by Cape Horn. We have already told the Admiralty the expense should be paid by the public. I presume that all that is now requisite to do is to explain the case to the Treasury & recommend them to pay.
ABd 10/10.
HM O 10
O 11 BH
G. 14
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Draft, Colonial Office to Trevelyan, 23 October 1850, explaining why the expense of the passage should be borne by the public.
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