8963 Vancouvers Island
4 August 1851
My Lord,
I have the honor to forward for your information the report made to Captain Fanshawe of HM Ship "Daphne" by Lieutenant Lacy of the Daphne, who commanded a party sent to apprehend the murderers of the
2Ansd 5th November — No 9. Military
British seamen at Newitty, on the 19 July last; the tribe at first fired on the boats, but fled when the party landed, Lieutenant Lacy did not pursue them owing to the nature of the ground but the other Indians represent the dispersion of the tribe as complete, this was effected without loss and the wounds of the two seamenManuscript imageseamen are slight. A most beneficial effect has been produced on the tribes in the neighbourhood who had previously caused much alarm among the Hudson's bay company's servants, and endangered the safety of the post at Fort Rupert, for the future I trust that place will remain in Safety which it did not appear to be before —
I have the honor to be
My Lord
Your Obedient Servant
Richard Blanshard, Governor
1The Rt Honble
Earl Grey.
Minutes by CO staff
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The Admy reported in February last the proceedings which were adopted by Captn Wellesley of HMS. Daedalus with reference to the murder of three British Seamen in or about the month of Sept 1850. The Governor's present Report relates to new murders committed on British Seamen on the 19h of July last, 1851.
Lieut Lacy of HMS Daphne appears to have pursued and dispersed the tribe by which these murders were committed.
This must have producedManuscript image a good effect.
But it is apparently at variance with the instructions which Lord Grey issued — on the first transaction — See those Instructions annexed. So little is said by the Governor on the subject, that it becomes somewhat difficult, if not hazardous to censure or approve his proceedings and those of the Naval officers.
PS 25 Oct
This will be for Ld Grey's consideration.
T.FE. 25/10.
O 25 BH.
Acknowledge & say that without farther fuller informatn it is impossible for me to assess judge of the propriety of these proceedings & refer to my despatch of the 20th of March for an explanatn of the general views of H.M's Govt on the subject of the protectn to be afforded against the Indians to Bsh subjects. —
G. 29
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Draft reply, Grey to Douglas, Military No. 1, 5 November 1851.
Minutes by CO staff
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I have nothing to add to the instructns contained in that despatch. —
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Fanshawe to Blanshard, 21 July 1851, forwarding copy of Lacy's report on the attempted arrest of some "Newitty murderers," as per despatch.
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Lacy to Fanshawe, 21 July 1851, reporting on the proceedings taken in the attempted arrest of the murderers.
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In 8963/37

H.M.S. Daphne
Beaver Harbour Vancouver's Island
21 July 1851Public Record Office

I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 18th Inst in consequence of which, I, the same might, despatched the boats of the ship under the command of Lieutenant Lacy to endeavour to arrest the murderers and I enclose herewith a copy of that Officers Report of his proceedings whilst so employed,
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient servant
(Signed) E G Fanshawe, Captain
His Excellency
Richard Blanshard
&c &c &c
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  2. This text runs perpendicular to main body text; see image scan.
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Blanshard, Richard

Douglas, James

Elliot, Thomas Frederick

Fanshawe, Edward Gennys

Grey, Henry George

Hawes, Benjamin

Lacy, Edward

Smith, Peter

Wellesley, George G.

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HMS Daedalus, 1826-1911

HMS Daphne, 1838-1864

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