1322. Van Couvers Island.

Hudson's Bay House
February 11 1851
My Lord
With reference to the letter of Governor Blanchard dated the 18th August last, a copy of which was communicated to me by Mr Under Secretary Hawes under the date of the 30th November, I have the honour to transmit to your Lordship herewith an extract of a letter received by the Company from Mr Douglas, the officer in charge at Fort Victoria, giving an account of the murder of three seamen, deserters from one of the Company's ships, by the natives of the northern part of Vancouver's Island.
I have the honour to be
My Lord
Your Mo: Obedient Servant
JH Pelly
The Right Honble
The Earl Grey
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Mr Merivale
If Admiral Moresby has been able to send any vessel to VanCouver's Island perhaps the death of these men may have been […] effectually enquired into:; but otherwise it would seem as if the Settlers had not much chance of protection from the Hudson's Bay Company, who have, I believe, no military or other force in the Settlement.
ABd 15/2
This is very probable from the accounts lately received of the disposition & number of the natives. The present case however is only that of the murder of three […] seamen who were trying to escape from their ship, in a part of the island distant from that occupied by the Company.
HM F 15
Put by.
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Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Extract, Douglas to Barclay, 5 October 1850, describing the murder of the three seamen who deserted from the Norman Morison.