Downing Street
20th March, 1851
I have to acknowledge your Despatch No. 6, of September 18th last, conveying the last accounts of the state of affairs in Vancouver's Island up to that date.
2. I must distinctly inform you, that it is notManuscript image in the power of Her Majesty's Government to maintain a detachment of regular Troops to garrison the Island.
3. With reference to the murder committed by the Indians on the unfortunate Seaman in the neighbourhood of Fort Rupert, Her Majesty's Government have received intelligence through Rear Admiral Hornby, of the proceedings which you caused to be taken by Captain Wellesley of H.M.S. "Daedalus" to demand, and, if possible, to punish the murderers since the date of your Despatch. From theManuscript image information which has thus reached me I by no means feel satisfied of the prudence of the step which you took in directing this expedition, which appears to me to have failed in its main object. And at all events it is necessary that I should state for your guidance on future occasions, that Her Majesty's Government cannot undertake to protect, or attempt to punish injuries committed upon, British subjects, who, voluntarily expose themselves to the violence or treachery of the Native Tribes at aManuscript image distance from the Settlements. I have no reason to suppose from the accounts which have reached me, both from yourself and from other quarters, that the Settlements themselves are in actual danger.
I have the honour to be sir
Your most Obedient Humble Servant

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Blanshard, Richard

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Wellesley, George G.

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HMS Daedalus, 1826-1911

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