62 Lombard St,
19th August 1852 To the Right Honble Sir John Pakington, Bt. Colonial Secretary

Being deputed by my Brother Francis Gray, and his partners Ant[on]y Easterby and Matthew Rooney, British Subjects & Merchant Traders resident in San Francisco, California, to state that on the 23rd of June 1852, Matthew Rooney discovered a vein of Goldbearing Quartz in Queen Charlotte's Island, situate in a Bay called by the natives Gold Harbour, in Latitude 53o 1' North, Longitude 131o 119' West or thereabout, bearing S.W. by S. 3/4 So. from the eastern headland of theManuscript image entrance of the Bay, and N.W. by W. 1/4 W. from an Island situate in the head of the Bay, on which they have erected a house. The said Quartz Vein extends from the beach inland in a S. S. Westerly direction, and as it can only be worked by the outlay of large capital, in regular mining operations and the application of powerful machinery, I have been directed to apply to you for the grant of a lease to Francis Gray, Anty Easterby and Matthew Rooney, of such a portion of the land in the said Gold Harbour Bay as will include the gold vein for a sufficient length to warrant them in making the necessary outlay; the lease reserving to the Crown such Royalty or Dues as may be customary or fairly proportioned to the circumstances of the case. The limits or boundaries which I would propose for the area to be granted, are as follow, a length of 800 yards on the course of the vein andManuscript image a breadth of 200 yards, being 100 yards on each side of the vein.
I have letters in confirmation of the facts which I have stated, and also an attestation signed by Geo. Aiken [Aikin] Esre her Majesty's Consul at San Francisco.
I am personally known to,
John Gurney Hoare Esqre, Banker, 62 Lombard St. James Cunliffe Esqre, Banker, 24 Lombard St.
I remain, Sir,
Your Obedient & Humble Servant,
Nutter Gray Junr
Minutes by CO staff
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ABd 24 Augt/52
Mr Merivale
This letter was kept back until some decision should be adopted on the course to be taken on lands in Queen Charlottes Island. I believe that the proposal now to be submitted to Sir John Pakington is that no grants or leases should be made. If so the Draft submitted herewith in case Sir John adopts the proposal, would seem the proper answer?
TFE 20 Sep
JSP 24
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Draft, Colonial Office to Gray, 28 September 1852, advising that the government did not intend to make any grants of land in Queen Charlotte Island, but that "instructions will shortly be sent out to the Governor authorizing him to grant licences to persons to search for gold."
Minutes by CO staff
Submitted for consideration. See Minute on the Letter within.