Osborne to Peel (Parliamentary Under-Secretary)
19 May 1853
I am commanded by my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to send you herewith, for the information of the Duke of Newcastle, Copies of a Letter from Rear Admiral Moresby, dated the 29 March, No 20, and of its enclosures, relating to Vancouver and Queen Charlotte Islands.
I am, Sir
Your most obedient humble Servant
R. Osborne

Minutes by CO staff
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This letter was received here on the 20th but was returned to the Admiralty, the enclosures being incomplete.
Mr Merivale
All that is new to us in these papers are the reports of the piratical attack of the Indians on the American Schooner "Susan Sturges"—with which we have no concern—and Mr Cooper's representations of the State of the Colony. The Govt have so little hold over the Governor that it is idle to give him instructions—which he is without the means of enforcing, but perhaps it might beManuscript image insisted on with the Company that a more effective establishment shd be kept up for the admn of justice. Should Mr Cooper's Letters be sent to the Compy?
ABd 31 May
Mr Cooper writes to Capt. Kuper a description of the misconduct of the Governor & Company, & leaves it to Capt. Kuper to bring it before the authorities here—this is evading the general rule that such complaints should be made through the Governor, & bringing on us all the difficulty which such evasions are apt to produce, if we take any notice of it. Although therefore there is every probability that there is ground for some at least of the statements which it contains, I hardly see what use can well be made of it.
HM June 3
FP 6
At the same time it would be wrong to take no steps to bring such complaints to a fair test. Perhaps the best way would be to write to Mr Cooper referring to his letter to Captn Kuper & calling upon him to make his complaint in the usual official form.
N 7
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I have kept this by me some time with other Vanc. Id papers. I suppose it is not intended by the Duke of Newcastle that we should write direct to Mr Cooper? and if through the Governor, we are making perhaps an improper use of his letters. I should be inclined to suggest putting by.
HM Jy 15
FP 15
After reading 6979 (just received) I am quite willing to "put by."
N 16
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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1. Moresby to Secretary of the Admiralty, 29 March 1853, forwarding letters from Captain A.L. Kuper to Moresby, 9 December 1852, with enclosure, Kuper to Moresby, 4 February 1852, with enclosures, and Douglas to Moresby, 8 December 1852.
Manuscript image
1.1 Kuper to Moresby, 9 December 1852, reporting on his proceedings at Vancouver Island and enclosing letter from Douglas.
Manuscript image
1.1.1 Douglas to Kuper, 9 December 1852, explaining that the Hudson's Bay Company's only steamer was too fully employed to be available for survey duties and declining, as yet, to quote a price for coal.
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1.2 Kuper to Moresby, 4 February 1853, reporting on the arrest and execution of the murderers of Peter Brown, printed below, with enclosures from Matthew Rooney, James Cooper, and Douglas.
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1.2.1 Rooney, master of the Susan Sturges to Kuper, 21 December 1852, reporting the capture and plunder of the Susan Sturges.
Manuscript image
1.2.2 Cooper to Kuper, 3 January 1853, complaining of a lack of proper administration of justice in the colony and airing other grievances against the Hudson's Bay Company.
Manuscript image
1.2.3 Cooper to Kuper, 3 January 1853, enclosing a document signed by a Mr. Charbouruo and Buzie Batineau, 29 December 1852.
Manuscript image Document signed by Charbouruo and Buzie Batineau, witnessed by James Cooper and Thomas Cooper, 29 December 1852, attesting to the fact that they had been forced by Douglas to abandon their employment to join an expedition against the Indians.
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1.3 Douglas to [Moresby], 8 December 1852, thanking him for the assistance provided by Captain Kuper and expressing the hope that another vessel would be sent to relieve her upon her departure.