Taylor to Newcastle
6 Queen Street Place
May 22 1853
My Lord Duke
I have the honor to inform you that the Solicitor of certain gentlemen who propose to join Messrs Easterby Gray & Rooney in taking the Lease of a portion of Queen Charlotte's Island has intimated to me that it wouldManuscript image be very satisfactory to them to learn any particulars of the discovery of Gold in the locality pointed out by Mr Easterby & his Partners or in other parts of the Island which may have reached Her Majesty's Governmt & which your Grace might be pleased to permit to beManuscript image communicated to them.
I understand the arrangements between Mr Easterby & these gentlemen who are to be proposed by him to your Grace as his Co-Lessees are nearly complete, but that they would value very much a corroboration of the evidence which they have already received, & I should be much gratified by receiving from your GraceManuscript image any intimation whether you may think it right to communicate to these Gentlemen the Reports on this discovery received from the Officers of the Ship of War who have surveyed the locality or any parts of them.
I am, my Lord Duke
your most obedt Servt
Richard Taylor

His Grace The Duke of Newcastle
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
Though we possess general information concerning the supposed existence of gold in Queen Charlotte Island I do not think we have any respecting the particular locality for a grant of which Mr Esterby [Easterby] is applying. I do not conceive that it would beManuscript image otherwise than beneficial to communicate all we know—which is very little however—to this proposed association though I do not feel certain whether it would not be more to the advantage of the public at large if the information we have were circulated to the public in the Shape of a Parliamentary Blue Book.Manuscript image It wd be a very small affair, and the papers once collected together & published might call general attention to our settlements in the Pacific on the American Coast—which are perhaps destined at some time to be of great value & importance to Great Britain.
ABd 25 May/53
FP 26
I think to give this information, such as it is, to a proposed
Company exclusively would form a bad precedent. Inform Mr Taylor that all the information we possess will be immediately presented to parliament and printed.
N 3 J.
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Draft, Colonial Office to Taylor, 11 June 1853, with information that all material relative to the discovery of gold on Queen Charlotte Island would be printed and presented to Parliament.
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Mr Miller should attend to this.
Papers preparing.