Taylor to Newcastle
6, Queen Street Place,
Upper Thames Street,
26 May 1853 To His Grace The Duke of Newcastle &c &c &c

My Lord Duke,
I have now the honor to hand your Grace the accompanying letter from Mr Anthony Easterby proposing the names of three gentlemen to be joined to those of himself and partners in the grant of Mining ground in Queen Charlotte's Island should the Government be pleased to accede to the application which has been made on their behalf.
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I beg to add, on the part of my Firm, that we are enabled to testify to the high respectability of these gentlemen: and we now therefore propose to your Grace the following names as those to be inserted in the Lease.
Henry Johns Esq. Merchant 68 Upper Thames Street & Birmingham Patent welded Tube Cy
(Messrs Selby Johns & Co) Thomas William Laroche Esq. Merchant 36 St Mary at hill
(Messrs Fenwick Laroche & Co) John Peter Esq. Merchant 30 Great St Helens
(Messrs Thompson Peter & Co) Anthony Easterby, Merchant, San Francisco
Francis Gray Do Do
Matthew Rooney Do Do
I have the honor to be, My Lord Duke
Your Grace's most obedt Servant
Richard Taylor
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
The former papers are in circulation.
I suppose Mr Taylor's representation of the respectability of the gentlemen proposing to join Messrs Esterby [Easterby] in their mining Schemes in Queen Charlotte Island will be considered satisfactory.
ABd 27 May
I have not seen the former papers.
HM My 27
FP 27
I have seen the recent papers.
N 28
HM May 31
I presume that the course indicated in the D of Newcastles Minute in 4655 will be followed.
FP 31
Direct Land Board to prepare a draft lease. See Minute on 4655.
N 1 June
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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A. Easterby to Taylor, 26 May 1853, forwarding the names of three gentlemen who had agreed to become joint lessees in the project, as per despatch.
Other documents included in the file
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Draft, Colonial Office to Emigration Commissioners, 15 June 1853, forwarding copies of correspondence on the subject and asking that a draft lease be prepared for the consideration of the government.
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Draft, Colonial Office to Taylor, 20 July 1853, advising that the lease would not be granted, with extensive explanations.
Minutes by CO staff
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See Minutes on Land Brd letter 6879.