Colvile to Grey
Hudson's Bay House
4 Fenchurch Street
18th July 1854
I have to submit for your consideration a proposal for an alteration in part of the arrangement for the Colonization of Vancouver's Island which was sanctioned by Lord Grey who was at that time Secretary of State for the Colonies.
The part of the arrangement to which I allude is that for the maintenance of the Ministers of Religion. The provision made for this purpose, was, the reservation of a certain portion of the Wilderness land a plan which has not been found to answer in other places, and which at Vancouver's Island does not afford an inducement for a respectableclergymanManuscript image clergyman to undertake the charge of a Parish or District.
I have therefore to request your consent to the provision for the Clergyman being altered to a money stipend to be charged to the Trust Fund arising from the nine tenths of the price of land sold, from the Lordship of 2/6 per ton on Coals that may be raised and sold and of 10 per load of timber cut under Licences for Exportation from unappropriated lands.
The Governor and Committee of the Hudson's Bay Company are of opinion that the Trust fund is in a condition to meet this charge.
At present they would propose that one clergyman of the Church of England should be appointed to the charge of the Victoria District to whom the Fur trade branch of the Hudsons Bay Company will contribute an allowance of £100 per annum: whilst he may act aschaplainManuscript image chaplain to their Establishment at that place.
It is expected that a Stipend of £300 per Annum from the Trust fund with the above mentioned allowance and with the addition of a free passage to the Island for himself and family, and the use of a moderate residence with a glebe of fifty or sixty acres of land during his incumbency will be found sufficient to induce a respectable Gentleman to undertake the charge.
The Nanaimo District where the Coal mining operations are carried on will also require a clergyman, and Mr Douglas has been requested to report whether a clergyman of the Church of England, or of what other Denomination would be most satisfactory to the Inhabitants.
In the event of your giving your consent to this proposal, I would take immediate steps to procure a Gentleman suitable for theManuscript image the charge of the Victoria District whose name would be submitted for your approval.
I have the honor to be Sir
Your Obedient humble Servant
A. Colvile

The Right Honble
Sir George Grey
&c &c &c
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
You will remember that accounts have recently reached this office of the Shipwreck of the vessel on board of which the Revd Mr Staines had taken his passage for England. The vacancy thus created affords an opportunity for making an alteration in paying the Salary of the Chaplain of the Settlement. The plan suggested certainly seems an improvement on the old mode of supporting the Clergymen. But before anything is said upon the subject a report from the Land Board would, I think be useful. I conclude the regulations marked in the accg volume (V.C.I. /46 to /48) are those in force. We are not in possession of any other regulations of the Co respecting the disposal of Land to Clergymen, or the public in V. Couver's Island, though we ought to have a copy.
ABd 21 July
It would I think be as well to ascertain this. I enclose a draft accordy.
HM Jy 22
FP 22
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Draft, Colonial Office to Colvile, 24 July 1854, stating the question of payment to clergymen was under review and asking for details of the current regulations regarding the sale of land on the island.