Banister to Labouchere
5 Child's Place Temple Bar
2nd July 1856
I have had the honor to receive your letter of yesterday's date with its enclosure, viz. a copy of a letter addressed to Robert S. Swanston Esqre, and I hope I may be permitted to remark that it did not appear to me that the Inhabitants of Vancouvers Island expressed themselves dissatisfied with British Courts of Justice; but that they were with the Conduct of the Individual appointed to preside over those Courts as Chief Justice. I anxiously trust the very high estimate you entertain of his abilities may be fully realized, otherwise I much fear that dissatisfaction may be manifested in a manner by no means agreeable to those administering the affairs of the Colonial office in this Country.
I shall feel it incumbentManuscript image upon me to forward this reply, with your communication to the Gentlemen at Vancouvers Island, inasmuch, as Mr Swanston having left that part of the world, as communicated to you by me in May last (on my noticing in the Gazette Mr Camerons appointment) the purport of your letter to him might be unknown to them through him for an indefinite period.
I have the honor to be, Sir,
Your very obedient Servant
Thomas Banister

To The Right Honble
H. Labouchere
Colonial Minister
Downing Street
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Mr Merivale
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