No. 11, Judicial
5 April 1858
I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your Despatch No 1 of the 6th of January last suggesting the revision of the Rules of Practice for the Supreme and Inferior Courts of Civil Justice of Vancouver's Island, which I had the honor of forwarding on the 28th of July last, and transmitting the following documents for the guidance of the Chief Justice incarryingManuscript image carrying those instructions into effect 1—A draft amendment of the Rules of Practice of the Supreme Court 2—A draft of an Act to establish a Court of Summary jurisdiction 3—Amendments of Rules of Practice for Inferior Courts
I have to communicate in reply that copies of those Drafts and of the elucidatory remarks together with Extracts from your Despatch respecting the required amendments have been transmitted to Chief Justice Cameron, with a request that he will give the subject his early attention.
I have etc.
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ABd 29 May
HM May 31
C June 1
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