No. 25
15 June 1858
My Lord,
1. I have the honor to enclose herewith copy of an address presented to me in the 12th of Instant by a Committee appointed for that purpose at a public meeting lately held at this place.
2. I informed the committee in reply to their address that I had lately returned from the Mines of Fraser's River, and that there was really no actual distress for wantofManuscript image of provisions among the mining population, in all the accessible parts of the country, and that care would be taken to provide for all their wants.
3. That I had no authority to throw open the trade of Fraser's River, which was secured by Statute to the Hudson's Bay Company, but that I had addressed Her Majesty's Government on that subject, recommending the opening of the Fraser's River District for settlement, and I was of opinion that course would be taken, and compensation be made to the Hudson's Bay Company for any sacrifice of interest they may be called upon to make.
4. I also informed them that the progress of this Colony occupied my careful attention,andManuscript image and that its growing interests would be carefully protected.
5. I also promised to forward their address.
I have etc.
James Douglas
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Petition signed by James Yates, M. [Noyes?], J.H. Doane, J.A.R. Homer, C.A. Bayley, and [Eaunid?Edmund?] Green, 1 9 June 1858, requesting free trade with the mining population of Fraser River.
  1. = Noyes, Doan, Homer, Bailey. Need to add names of Noyes, Doan, Homer, Bailey and Green to biog dir if included in entry??
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Bayley, C. A.

Doane, J. H.

Douglas, James

Green, E.

Homer, Joshua Attwood Reynolds

Stanley, Edward Henry

Yates, James

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Hudson's Bay Company

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Fraser River

Fraser River District

Vancouver Island