No. 49
11 December 1858
I have the honor to report for the information and approval of Her Majesty's Government, that I have made the following appointments for the Colony of Vancouver's Island: and that thoughseveralManuscript image several of those Offices were filled in the early part of the season, when great numbers of people were entering this Colony, I have not hitherto reported the same to you.

Donald Fraser Esquire to be Member of Council. Augustus Pemberton Esquire, to be Chief Commissioner of Police and Justice of the Peace, Salary £300 per annum & fees. George Pearkes Esquire, Crown Solicitor, Salary £300 per annum. Alexander C. Anderson Esquire, to be Collector of the Customs, Salary £700 per annum and free house.
We assigned £400 to the Collector of Customs in B. Columbia.
AlexanderManuscript image Alexander C. Anderson Esquire, Acting Postmaster, Salary £100 per annum. William Brotchie, Harbour Master and Pilot of Victoria, Salary £100 per annum, besides fees.

Trusting that those appointments will meet with your approval.
I have etc.
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Draft reply, Lytton to Douglas, No. 15, 7 February 1859.
Minutes by CO staff
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Sir Edward
I have obeyed yr orders in introducing this remarkManuscript image which is a precaution on the safe side; but I do not think the appointments can possibly clash, as these which are now reported are in a different Colony from that to whh you have sent Mr Hamley, Cooper, Brew &c.
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[The following appear to be notes by Lytton for a confidential reply to Douglas:]
Dft Despatch to Douglas also a private letter to Mr Cooper that if the Harbour Masters place be filled up at a lower salary I refer him to my letter appointing Mr C. to some other place as near as possible to the value of about 400£ a year & that I consider in sending him out the faith of the Govt is pledged to his appointment & that his evidence on the value of the Colony led as much to its erection, & that any delay or obstruction to his appointment can only be regarded as Manuscript image owing to the hostilities he may have provoked from the H.B.C. & would lead to inquiries & difficulties thereon wh it would [be] for the advantage [and] convenience of HM Govt to avoid. I trust by the next mail to hear that Mr CooperManuscript image is appointed to some place for wh he may be fitted. & the great desire of the Govr to have even strangers to the place sent out wd have no excuse for the non appointment of Mr C.
EBL Jan 19 1859
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
I presume that these appointments should be confirmed—the Governor being, as usual, told that he must find the means of paying the Salaries.
ABd 29 Jany
HM 29
C Jany 29
Certainly [not?] confirm appointments instead of those we have made. We have appointed Mr Hamley that stands good. Also another [one line cut off microfilm] to find some other place at 400 a year or so. Make these clear & confirm the other's.
EBL Feb 1
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Draft reply, Lytton to Douglas, Confidential, 24 March 1859.
Minutes by CO staff
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Sir Edd Lytton
I have thought it preferable to refer to the official correspondence which has already passed on this subject than to the private Letter written by Mr Cooper to Mr Chas. Villiers in reference to hisManuscript image appointment whh you placed in my hands.
ABd 22/3