Hammond to Merivale
January 18th. 1858.
In transmitting to you, to be laid before Mr Secretary Labouchere, the inclosed copies of correspondence with the War Department respecting the survey of the land portion of the Oregon Boundary, I am directed by the Earl of Clarendon to request that you will state to Mr Labouchere that His Lordship would be subject to him for the early communication of any observations or suggestions in regard to the instructions to be givenManuscript imagegiven to Captain Hawkins for the prosecution of the survey, as the instructions to that officer are now about to be drawn up.
Those instructions when reduced into shape will of course be communicated to Mr Labouchere for his concerrence; but, in the meanwhile, I am to request you to call his attention to the suggestion respecting Mr Palliser contained in the letter from the War Department, in which, as Mr Labouchere willManuscript imagewill perceive, Lord Clarendon concurs; and that you will move Mr Labouchere to give the necessary directions on the subject.
I am, Sir,
Your most obedient humble
E. Hammond
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
VJ 19 Jun.
Mr Jadis
I want to look at Mr Palliser's official instructions.
HM Jan 21
Mr Merivale
VJ Jan 22.
Mr Fortescue
I doubt Mr Palliser being able to render much service in this matter, consistently with the other duties imposed on him, by his instructions. But he can be written to in the sense described by the War & Forn Office, & Ld Clarendon informed accordingly? I do not see that we have any other suggestions to make.
HM Jan 26.
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Draft, Colonial Office to Hammond, 6 February 1858, including extract of instructions to Palliser, which renders much cooperation with Hawkins "exptremely problematical."
Manuscript image
Draft, Colonial Office to Palliser, 19 February 1858, stating that his exploration “will much facilitate the formal operation,” and requesting careful tracing of country and communication with Hawkins.
Manuscript image
Draft, Colonial Office to Hammond, 24 February 1858, enclosing a copy of the letter to Palliser.
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
B. Hawes to Hammond, 14 January 1858, regarding the survey party with a detailed explanation and a list of allowances.
Manuscript image
Hammond to Hawes (War Office), 18 Jan. 1858 with discussion.