Berens to Lytton
Hudson's Bay House
December 1st 1858
I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of the Earl of Carnarvon's letter of the 10th Instant on the subject of the property which is now and has been for many years past in the possession of this Company in the vicinity of their Establishments in various parts of Vancouver's Island and British Columbia; and also of the Copy of the Despatch on the same subject and of equal date addressed by you to Governor Douglas. On the part of myself and my Colleagues in the direction I beg to offer you our best thanks for this obliging communication.LordManuscript image Lord Carnarvon mentions that you would be glad to be put in possession of any further details as to the nature and character of the possessions thus claimed.
At present we have no such information, but I shall lose no time in referring the matter to the officers in charge of the Stations, and as soon as I receive their reports I shall have the honour of again communicating with you upon the subject.
I have etc.
H.H. Berens Govr
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Mr Elliot
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Yes. Put by.
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