Howe to Stanley
Barton on Humber
31 May, 1858
My Lord
It has been stated in the Papers that the Government intend to colonize Vancouvers Island and to establish a Naval Depôt there. May I be permitted to ask if that be intended? as my Son, who is Chaplain of the Dockyard at Malta has requested me to ask, intendingtoManuscript image to apply either to the Dockyard should one be established or to be appointed as Colonial Chaplain, for either of which he is well fitted.
Your Lordship will pardon the anxiety of a Parent. I enclose my Card, and have the Honour to be
My Lord
Your Lordship['s] obedient Servant
Alex B. Howe
Captn R.N.
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
Ansr that Lord Stanley can give no information on this point—the question as to the future Govt of V.C.I. being still under the Comy.
Annex dt.
HM June 4
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Draft, Colonial Office to Howe, 11 June 1858, stating they could not furnish the information requested, as the "future arrangements to be adopted with reference to V. Couvers Island are under the consideration of H.M. Govt."