Litchfield to Stanley
Rockwood Kingston
Canada West
Apl 12th 1858
My Lord,
As an an old Elector of South Lancaster—a resident of [Walton?] near [Kingston?], and as one who knew the late excellent Earl of Derby, I hope I may be pardoned for addressing your Lordship.
I have for a long period of years taken a deep interest in the reformatory movements of the age, as many of the eminent friends with whom you have acted at home will testify, and feel extremely anxious if the Colonization under the Imperial Government of Vancouvers Island or the Red River Territory should take place to be allowed to transfer my services there.
I have for three years filled the office of Medical Superintendent of Criminal Insane in connection with the Provincial Penitentiary, and also held the Professorship of Forensic and State Medicine in the University of Queen's College in this city.
If Manuscript image
If the colonization of new territory in British North America should take place and the appointment of a Stipendiary Magistrate, or Protector of [illegible] or of a gentleman to undertake both duties, should be decided upon [and] your Lordship should be pleased [on] persual of my papers to think me qualified for Service in the new territory, I should feel very grateful for the preference.
I take the liberty of enclosing old printed papers in reference to the pursuits with which I have been occupied and also an M.S. copy of a memorial recently addressed to H.E. Sir Edmund Head recommending me as one of a Commission about to be organized to superintend and [erect?] the Penal and Reformatory institutions of Canada.
I believe I may add that any nomination in reference to the Aborig[ines]Manuscript image would be very acceptable to the philanthropic men, who recently had an interview with you as representing the Aborigines Protection Society.
I have a great desire to take service in the new territory, if it should be hereafter organized and would cheerfully resign any prospects I have in Canada and the advantages and comforts of her civilization, if there is any post in which your Lordship should think my services available, beyond the present limits of Canadian territory.
Before entering upon my present charge I edited the "Montreal Pilot" previously in the editorial charge of Mr Hincks now Governor of [BW Indies?]. I have kept up my connection with the press from a period when the previous Lord Stanley (of [Brikenstaffe?] was Colonial Minister, and whether in England or in the Colonies, have always done the little I could, to sustain and strengthen the hands of those who labored so wisely and so well for the public good.
Manuscript image
I trust my Lord, this may be a sufficient apology for addressing you from Canada. I recollect your coming of age in [Larenition?] and the high hopes, which much to [cut off microfilm] and which have been so well [borne?] out and I have not hesitated with Canadian presses to which I have access, to endeavour to do justice [to] your character, and gain [confidence?] to your Administration. I have taken the liberty of forwarding some Canadian papers, and am with most [illegible] respect,
Your Lordship's
Faithful obedient Servant
J.P. Litchfield M.D.

The Rt Honble
Lord Stanley M.P.
&c &c &c
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Draft reply, Stanley to Sir Edmund Head, Canada, No. ?, 30 April 1858.
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Memorial to Governor General of Canada, 13 [December?] 1857, recommending Litchfield "as a member and as secretary of the General Commission of Inspectors of our penal and reformatory Institutions," approximately 90 signatures.
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
It would be proper, I presume, to answer that Lord Stanley has duly received Dr Litchfields Letter, but that his Lordship does not at present see any opening in B.N.A. for the employment of Dr Ld in the Government Service?
(If any portion ofManuscript image the H. Bay Co's Territory is handed over to Canada it will be for the Authorities of that Country to appoint to Offices in the added part & if VanCouver's Island is made a Government Settlement it would be undesirable to encourage yet awhile expectations as to the formation of a Civil Establishment there.
ABd 26 April
HM Ap 27
C Apl 28
Answer as proposed.
S 28
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
"Testimonials given to Dr. Litchfield, at the time of his Election as Physician to the Westminster General Dispensary," various dates (1834-35).
Manuscript image
"Testimonials given to Dr. Litchfield, when a Candidate for the Office of Physician-Superintendent to the Middlesex Lunatic Asylum at Hanwell, near London," the last testimonial dated 15 April 1853 (the others not dated).