Moody to Carnarvon
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28t August 1858
My Lord,
With reference to the letter I had the honour to receive from you dated 19h Inst I beg to report that the apparently hopeless complication of obstacles have been mastered. Captain Parsons and 20 Royal Engineers proceed on the 1t Proximo from Southampton via Panama to B. Columbia.
The further intelligence I gather daily, convince me it is urgent—nay with great respect it is my duty to say—imperative in order to obviate an immediate frightful expense and loss of time that Captain Grant himself should be on the spot as quickly as possible (sail on the 17h Proximo) to provide beforehand in every particular including shelter & food for the reception of the main body and women & children.
Captain Parsons will have to establish his own party make sundry arrangements, communicateManuscript imagecommunicate with Captain Grant on his arrival, leave the artificers of the party with him proceed alone up the Frazer River make the reconnaissances necessary to forward [for] my immediate action and return against my arrival to report and receive further orders. On the above subjects both officers will receive definite instructions in detail from me.
In those instructions they will be given clearly to understand that the whole is subordinate to any local necessities upon which they may receive orders from the Governor upon their arrival.
Captain Luard, Lieutenant Lempriere, Lieutenant Palmer, and Assistant Surgeon Seddall M.D. with the main body and women & children will embark on board the "Thames City" and proceed round Cape Horn direct for Victoria B. Columbia where I shall be in readiness to receive them and in communicationManuscript imagecommunication with the Governor post them to their duties at once.
Every exertion shall be made to expedite the sailing of this vessel but as yet I am unable to name a day. I trust it may be in a fortnight or 3 weeks.
In framing these arrangements as well as my own duties in connection with them I have had the advantage of the great experience of General Sir John Burgoyne who concurs with me in considering it is vital for economy & efficiency that Captain Grant in particular as well as Captain Parsons should be early on the ground each with the duties I assign to them. Having been so very carefully considered I hope they may meet with the approval of the Secretary of State.
I have the honor to be
Yr Lordship's most obedient
humble Sert
R.C. Moody
Colonel Royal Engineers
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Mr Merivale
This is to say that besides Captain Parsons & his 20 men, going viâ Panama, it is essential for the interests of the public service that Capn Grant should go also by that route on the 17th proxo.
Sir Edward Lytton will decide this point. Sir Edward will see at once that the going of this officer will be an addition to the expense of hiring the "Thames City."
I do not quite understand where Colonel Moody proposes to go—or how—whether in the freight ship, or viâ Panama.
This is a point, which it seems to me, Sir Edward should also determine.
ABd. 30 Augt.
HM Augt 31
If I understand the arrangements rightly
1. there is no objection to Capt Grant going out (perhaps with some few additional men) on the 17th Sep. via Panama.
2. Col. Moody will go by Panama after he has seen the main body off.
3. The ship with the detacht will sail by the 15th Sep.
This sd be announced at once, Col. Moody's arrangements approved & the 3 points above stated? Annex draft.
C. Sept 1
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Draft reply, Colonial Office to Moody, 4 September 1858, approving the arrangements.