No. 12
15 April 1859
I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your Despatch, of the 7th February No 15, in reference to my Despatch of the 11th December last, No 49, which reported the appointment of certain officers therein named, to situations inManuscript imagein Vancouver's Island, and you are pleased to observe that you have no objections to offer to those nominations, provided the salaries of the officers in question are defrayed from the resources of Vancouver's Island, and in no degree interfere with the appointments you have found it necessary to make in British Columbia.
I beg to inform you in reply that the appointments of Officers made for the Colony of Vancouver's Island, are entirely distinct, and do not in any degree interfere with the appointments you have made in British ColumbiaManuscript imageColumbia; that the services of the Officers mentioned in my letter are indispensably necessary for conducting the public business of the Colony, and that their salaries as stated in my letter are paid by the Hudson's Bay Company, out of the proceeds of Land sales effected in Vancouver's Island.
I have etc.
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ABd 10 June
Yes—see Mr Blackwood's minute on the draft of our desp. of 7 Feb.
HM June 11
C June 13