No. 32
8 August 1859
I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt, within the hour, of your Despatch No 78 of the 16th June last, transmittingManuscript imagetransmitting for my information and guidance the copy of a letter from the Board of Trade, enclosing a further memorandum from Captain Sulivan with two drawings, on the subject of the erection of Light Houses in Fucas Straits and the approaches to Esquimalt Harbour, and as the mail Steamer will leave immediately for San Francisco, I will hastily reply to the subjects requiring immediate attention.
IManuscript image2. I have perused with much attention Captain Sulivans Memorandum on the Subject of those Lights and examined the two drawings shewing the dimensions which will be required at the top of the Towers: and I have to thank him for many valuable suggestions with regard to their construction.
3. I think it will in all respects be advisable especiallyManuscript imageespecially in the present state of our relations with the Federal Authorities of Washington Territory to send the Lanterns and Light apparatus by a Sailing vessel round Cape Horn as their conveyance by Panama would be very expensive, and the Lanterns might be injured in the frequent transhipments necessary by that route.
4. The Hudson's Bay Company'sManuscript imageCompany's annual Ship will leave London for this place in the month of September next, and if the Shipment of all the Light House apparatus, which I beg strongly to recommend, be made by that vessel, we might reasonably calculate on their safe arrival here in January next, within Six weeks of the time attainable by the Panama route.
5. I have also to remarkManuscript imageremark in reply to the enquiry in Captain Sulivan's letter that there is no competent person here for superintending the fitting of the Lanterns and Light apparatus and I therefore beg that one may be sent out by the same Ship, for the purpose.
6. I would also recommend that two competent men, as head Light Keepers, may be sent out to manage the lights and to instruct othersManuscript imageothers as no such men can be obtained in this country.
Something over the pay and allowances usually made to such men in England, may be safely promised for their Services in this Country.
7. The proposed height of the Towers required for the arrangement of the light conductors will be furnished as soon as possible.
I have etc.
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Bd of Trade at once? L[ithographed] F[orm].
ABd 26 Sepr
At once.
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 17, 21 October 1859, reporting that the lighthouse apparatuses are under construction and that enquiries have begun to find "a competent" lighthouse superintendent.