No. 62
3 December 1859
With reference to my Despatch No. 42 of the 27th August, In which I had the honor to inform your Grace that in order to provide for the accommodation &c &c of the Troops serving in Vancouvers Island, I had drawn upon Her Majestys Paymaster General for the sum of Two Thousand PoundsManuscript imagePounds, I have now the honor to inform Your Grace that in order to provide for the current expenses of the Troops together with extra pay, I have been compelled to draw a further sum of Two Thousand Pounds (£2000) and I trust your Grace will be pleased to obtain the requisite authority from the Treasury that the Bill may be paid when due.
I have etc.
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Mr Merivale
Is it necessary to maintain the Royal Engineers or Marines any longer in V. Couver Isd on acct of the San Juan difficulty? It is prejudicial to the interests of B. Columbia where the services of the Engineers are so pressingly wanted for the laying out of Roads &c &c to keep them away from the Colony. The former charge [of] £2000, having arisen in consequence of the American occupation of San Juan the War Office was asked to provide for it. I presume we must take the same course with this application.
ABd 28/1
HM Jan 31
Duke of Newcastle
Under the temporary arrangement with the U.S. Govt, a certain number of British troops is likely to be required to occupy San Juan for some time to come. Would it not be advisable to substitute troops of the Line for the R. Engineers, leaving perhaps a small number of the latter, merely as overseers & instructors in road making? This, I suppose, must go to the War Office.
CF Feb 1
Yes, and suggest the propriety of substituting some less expensive force than Engineers for the purpose of the occupation of S. Juan.
N 3
I find that this minute is wrong. The Governor states in an earlier desp of 27 August that Marines not Engineers are quartered on V.Couver Island. So it is only necessary to send copy of this desp. to the War Office.
ABd 10 Feb/60
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Draft, Merivale to Under-Secretary, War Office, 17 February 1860, forwarding copy of the despatch and asking that they authorize payment of the £2000 drawn by the governor.
Minutes by CO staff
This draft is substituted for one passed on the 6th instant as I find, on reference to other documents, that Marines not Engineers are stationed in Van Couver Island. It is, therefore, only necessary to send this desph to the War Office who, either through the Admiralty, or by the means of the Army Estimates will have to provide for the Expense.