Wodehouse to Merivale (Permanent Under-Secretary)
18 November 1859
I have laid before Lord John Russell your letter of the 7th instant, inclosing a Memorial from Inhabitants of Vancouver's Island, respecting the recent occupation of San Juan by United States Troops, and requesting that His Lordship would favour The Duke of Newcastle with his opinion as to the answer which should be returnedManuscript imagereturned to it.
I am, in reply, to request that you will state to His Grace that Lord John Russell is of opinion that the Memorialists should be informed through Governor Douglas that Her Majesty's Government highly appreciate their loyalty to Her Majesty's Crown and Person.
That Her Majesty's Government deeply regret the unprovoked aggression of General Harney onManuscript imageon a Territory of disputed Ownership. That however Her Majesty's Government are in negotiation with the Government of the United States on this subject and wish, without surrendering Her Majesty's Rights, to maintain amicable relations with that Country.
I am etc.
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
Answer the Governor's despatch which transmitted this memorial in the terms suggested by Lord John Russell?
Forwarded for consideration.
TFE 21 Nov
CF 22
Ansr as suggested.
N 23