Berens to Lytton
Hudson's Bay House
20 May 1859
I have the honor to transmit to you herewith, a copy of a letter addressed by the Revd Edward Cridge, Colonial Chaplain of Vancouver's Island to Governor Douglas and transmitted by the latter to us in the event of our having any instructions to give on the subject.
As the grant of Vancouver's Island has been withdrawn from the Hudson's Bay Company, the question of the renewal of Mr Cridge's engagement which is about to expire is one which rests, not with the Company, but with Her Majesty's Government. I however considerManuscript imageconsider it right, in justice to Mr Cridge who has always given satisfaction to the Company in his Ministerial capacity to forward a Copy of his Memorial for your consideration.
I have etc.
H.H. Berens
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
I do not know what else is to be done in this matter except to refer this Letter on to the Governor of V.C.Id and tell him to provide this Clergyman with adequate remuneration. I suppose the Governor must get the ways & means out of the Ho: of Assembly, if he has no funds at his own disposal.
ABd 21/5
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Lord Carnarvon
I cannot myself see any reason for calling on the Governor to undertake, or recommend even, the remuneration of Mr Cridge. It is clear his agreement is at an end, & he only expresses his readiness to enter into a new one. To make his employment [a] matter of government recommendation is in fact to initiate a "State Church" of all things most unpopular to North Americans. It is a matter on which I should be disposed to leave the Legislature of Vanc. I. wholly free, & to inform the Company that this has been done, sending out the correspondence to the Governor, & I believe this is the likeliest way of securing the object itself.
HM May 21
This is probably the best course to adopt. But in the event of the V.C.I. Legislature declining to renew the engagement Mr Cridge is entitled to a passage home.
C May 21
Other documents included in the file
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Draft reply, Lytton to Douglas, No. 73, 2 June 1859, asking that the matter of Cridge’s reappointment as chaplain be “the decision of the Legislature of the Island."
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Draft, Merivale to Berens, 3 June 1859, advising that the question was to be left to the decision of the Vancouver Island legislature.
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Edward Cridge to Douglas, 24 February 1859, expressing a desire to have his engagement as colonial chaplain renewed.