Easterby to Newcastle
Napa City California
August 25, 1859 His Grace The Duke of Newcastle Colonial Secretary Downing Street
My Lord Duke
I again take the liberty of addressing your Grace in reference to Queen Charlotte's Isld upon which place we discovered in 1852 a vein of gold bearing quartz and had commenced at great expense to work the Same when expelled by H.M. Ship Amphitrite.
Hence to obtain from H.M.'s government Permission to work this mine, I visited London in 1853, and had the honor through the agency of Mess'rs Jno. Taylor & Sons of submitting our claim to your Grace and it was intimated to me through the same gentlemen, that the names submitted in connection with my own, in our Petition Manuscript imagefor a Lease, were accepted. With this impression I left England, having made arrangements for the despatch of miners &c but on arrival in San Francisco I found a letter from the Honble Sir F. Peel in which it was stated that H.M. government declined making any lease at present. I did not understand however that our claim was entirely denied.
I cannot help therefore submitting to your Grace, and by the enclosed paragraph you will perceive, that others, without such claims are about to reap with the assistance of one of H.M.'s Ships the result of our discovery earned at the expense of our fortunes.
I respectfully submit therefore to your Grace that while these parties are encouraged and aided in developing those mines which were denied to our enterprise, we may be permitted to ask from H.M.'s government some indemnity for the Manuscript imagelosses we have incurred.
Submitting our case to your Grace's Justice.
I have the honor to remain
Your Grace's most obedt Servant
Anthony Y. Easterby
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
From the envelope attached to 6127/58 it is plain that the writer has not recd the answer from this Office—d. 12 July/58 to his former similar application. I see nothing for it except now to send our Letter again after him, with an explanation of the delay which has occurred. I may as well perhaps observe in addition that the Mr Taylor referred to, with whom I have conversed on the subject of this claim, considers the writer to have no shadow of foundation for his demand on the Govt.
ABd 11 Oct
I should ackge his letter, send him in answer a copy of a letter which was addressed to him on the subject in March 1858 which appears not at that time to have reached his hands and state that the Duke of Newcastle concurs in that communication.
TFE 11 Octr
N 12
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Newspaper clipping, no name, no date, "The Prospecting Expeditions to Queen Charlotte Island."
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Draft, Colonial Office to Easterby, 25 October 1859, forwarding copy of previous letter dated March 1858 and reaffirming the response therein.