Josling to Lytton
Wist House
Ernsworth, Hants
Janry 26th/59
Although I believe my father's name (Edward Edwards Langford) is down for office in Vancouver, I take the liberty of making application to you in his behalf and entreating that you will favorably consider Manuscript imagehis case. He has been struggling on for seven years in that Island under the old system which I trust you will kindly consider entitles him to some claim on the new government. I may say with truth that ours was the first gentleman's family to settle there, and consisted of my parents, my sisters, myself and a brother Manuscript imageborn after our arrival. My father is a son of the Capt G. Langford R.N. and formerly held a commission in Her Majesty's 3rd Regiment. He has for the Past few years filled the function of Justice of the Peace in Vancouver. Hoping you will consider him eligible for some appointment and with many apologies Manuscript imagefor intruding on your valuable time, I am Sir
To the Rt. Hon.
Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Private Secretary
I only know of Captain L. by name, as a settler in V.C. Island. If he is a good man the Governor should employ him at once as a Stip. Magistrate.
ABd 3 Feb
The father of a married daughter can hardly be fit for such an office.
HM F 3
Annex dt acknowledging.
C F 3
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Draft, Carnarvon to Mrs. Josling, 7 February 1859, acknowledging receipt of her letter.