Downing Street
24 March 1859
I have had occasion since the date of my despatch of the 15th February last to refer again to your despatch No 49 of Manuscript imagethe 11th December in which you report that you had appointed a Harbor Master and Pilot for Victoria; and as although you have reported to me the arrival of Mr Cooper whom I had previously appointed Master at Esquimalt for British Columbia, you have not yet informed me that he has assumed his office. I think it necessary to address you on the subject of the position of that gentleman.
If the appointment which you have made shall have provided sufficiently for all the duties of Harbor Master for the two Colonies at a smaller expense than the salary of £400 assigned to Mr Cooper, I refer to the discretion given you by my despatch of the 2nd September either to combine his services at Esquimalt with some other office in British Columbia, or to alter the title of his office, with which view I abstained from sending you a warrant for his appointment.
But I must acquaint you Manuscript imagethat I consider that in sending out Mr Cooper, the faith of the government is pledged to his appointment to an office of the value promised, and that from the circumstances that Mr Cooper's evidence of the capabilities of the country contributed much to its erection into a Colony, any delay or obstruction to his appointment would be regarded as owing to the hostility he may have provoked from the Hudson's Bay Company, and would lead to difficulties and enquiries which it might be desirable to avoid. The great desire you have expressed that the officers appointed from England might be strangers to the Colony would afford us grounds for the now appointment of Mr Cooper, and I trust by the next Mail to hear that he has been appointed to some place for which he may be fitted.
I have, etc.
E.B. Lytton
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