No. 31
18 June 1860
Adverting to your Grace's Despatch No 9 of the 7th of February last, forwarding to me a letter from the Marine Department of the Board of Trade, SettingManuscript imageSetting forth the Expenditure made in England by that Department out of the Parliamentary Vote of Seven Thousand Pounds (£7000) for the Erection of Light Houses in Fucas Straits and Esquimalt Harbour, and which Expenditure amounts to the Sum of Three Thousand Two Hundred and Sixty Six Pounds, Four Shillings and one penny (£3266:4:1), I have the honor to Enclose herewith, for the information of Your Grace, Copy of a report from the Assistant Colonial Surveyor on the progress made in the work ofManuscript imageof the Light Houses, and Exhibiting the Sums already expended here, and the amount that will be required to carry the work to completion.
2. From this report Your Grace will perceive that the entire sum required for the work in this Country is Seven Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty One pounds, Sixteen Shillings and Ten pence (£7751:16:10). Of this the sum of Four Thousand and Seventy five pounds Eleven Shillings and Ten pence (£4075:11:10) has already been Expended, and a further sum of about One ThousandManuscript imageThousand pounds (£1000:0:0) is immediately required to meet payments due, and I trust Your Grace will move the Lords of the Treasury to meet the Bills I shall be Compelled to draw upon this service over and above the sum already voted for the work.
3. The Tower at the Entrance of Esquimalt Harbour is complete and ready for receiving the Lantern so soon as it may arrive. The Tower on the Race Rocks is steadily progressing and will be completed in about six weeks.
4. I presume the EstimateManuscript imageEstimate of Seven Thousand pounds (£7000.0.0) made by Captain Sulivan of the Board of Trade was intended to include the cost of the Lanterns as well as of the Buildings, but without correct data from this country any Estimate formed in England for works to be undertaken here, will assuredly fall short of the actual cost. The present rate of wages to Bricklayers, Masons and Carpenters is from Sixteen to Twenty Shillings per diem, and the charges for transport of material are in like proportion. The mostManuscript imagemost Stringent economy has been practised in the Execution of the work, but at the same time I have endeavoured to avoid the error of adopting cheap expedients in works required to be substantial and lasting; and I trust that the Light Houses in question will prove to be essentially so.
I have etc.
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
ABd 6 August
Total cost - Lanterns 3266. 4.1
Race Rk Light 4789.19.5
Fisgard 2961.17.5
instead of 7000£.
FR 6/8
CF 7
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
B.W. Pearse, Acting Colonial Surveyor, to W.A.G. Young, Acting Colonial Secretary, 10 June 1860, reporting progress on the construction of the lighthouses, including the financial situation.
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Draft, Rogers to J. Booth, Board of Trade, 11 August 1860, forwarding copy of the despatch.
Manuscript image
Draft, Rogers to G.A. Hamilton, Treasury, 11 August 1860, forwarding copy of the despatch and asking that the bills be accepted and paid.
Manuscript image
Draft reply, Fortescue to Douglas, No. 31, 28 August 1860.