No. 38
7 August 1860
I have the honor to report to your Grace that I have appointed Mr George Tomline Gordon, to act as Treasurer for the Colony of Vancouver's Island, pending the pleasure of Her Majesty's Government.
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2. Mr Gordon is a gentleman of education and station, and was specially brought to my notice by your Grace's Predecessor Sir Edward Lytton.
3. The Salary attached to the Office, viz Four Hundred pounds (£400) per Annum, has been voted by the House of Assembly, and altho' the Estimates have not finally passed the Legislature, yet I was constrained to make the appointment at once, as I was desirous of removing Captain Gosset to New Westminster.
4. Mr Gordon has found theManuscript imagethe necessary Bonds, himself in Two Thousand pounds (£2000), and two approved Sureties in One Thousand pounds (£1000) each.
I have etc.
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Captain Gossett has hitherto performed the duties of Treasurer of Van Couver Island gratuitously. He has now gone to New Westmr.
I conceive that in point of fact this is an appointment which belongs to the S. of State. But the Governor does not give the S. of S. the oppy of nominating any person to it—for the same notice which announces Capt Gossett's removal to B. Columbia reports the provisional apptment of his Successor in Van C. Island. It may perhaps be worth while to touch lightly upon this point in answering the despatch. As the Salary is only £400 a year, it would have been very difficult to find a good man here who wd accept the Office with its pecuniary responsibilities, & the necessity of finding security. The Legislature provides the Salary.
Confirm I presume—and prepare a Warrant.
ABd 27/Sep
TFE 29/9
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Draft reply, Wood to Douglas, No. 38, 3 October 1860.
Minutes by CO staff
9342 to be given to Mr Ga[i]rdner for preparation of Warrant.
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Draft reply, Lewis to Douglas, Separate, 10 November 1860.