No. 48
14 November 1860
I have the honor to acquaint your Grace that I have authorized the Treasurer of Vancouvers Island to procure the sum of One Thousand Pounds (£1000) by Bills on the Paymaster GeneralManuscript imageGeneral, to enable him to meet requisitions for sums already due and becoming due, for extra pay to the Marines at San Juan, under the authority of Your Graces despatch No 37 of the 2d July, and for other Military services in connection with the establishment in thatManuscript imagethat Island.
I have etc.
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Mr Elliot
Forward to War Office, who will obtain the sanction of the Treasury for this expenditure. (See previous case WO/737).
HTI 4 Feby
I should not be inclined to suppose that any fresh sanction is necessary. In No 43 of 8 Octr the Governor announced that he would be obliged to draw £1000 and this was approved. He now reports that he has Manuscript imageauthorized the Treasurer to procure £1000. This seems to me only the execution of the intention previously announced.
With reference to our former letter to Mr Hamilton dated 8 Decr transmitting &c, send him a copy of the present despatch, reporting that the Governor has accordingly authorized the Treasurer to draw Bills for £1000 on the Paymaster General.
TFE 21 Feby
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Draft, Colonial Office to G.A. Hamilton, Treasury, 27 February 1861, forwarding copy of the despatch.