Romaine to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
28 August 1860
I am commanded by my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to send you herewith, for the information of Her Majesty's Secretary of State for the Colonies, a Copy of a Letter from Rear Admiral Sir R.L. Baynes, dated the 3rd July, No 101, with Copies of its enclosures, relative to the assistance rendered to the Civil Power by the Naval Force in preserving Order and checking disturbances amongst the Indians in Vancouver Island.
I am etc.
W.G. Romaine
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
We have already received the information contained in the enclosures from the Govr. See 8322. Put by?
VJ 29 Augt
Mr Fortescue
I think we might acke the letter and express the acknowledgement of the Secretary of State for the judicious Assistance afforded by Manuscript imagethe Admiral, which appears to have been very successful in producing the requisite peace, and submission on the part of the Indians encamped in the neighbourhood of Victoria.
TFE 29 August
CF 29
Other documents included in the file
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Draft, Elliot to Secretary to the Admiralty, 7 September 1860, acknowledging the assistance afforded by Admiral Baynes.
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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R.L. Baynes to Secretary to the Admiralty, No. 101, 3 July 1860, reporting the assistance rendered by his forces in arresting two members of a Haida tribe camped near Victoria, and enclosing related correspondence. Transcribed below.
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Douglas to Baynes, 29 June 1860, reporting that the schooner Royal Charlie had been fired upon from the Haida camp, and requesting assistance to capture the offenders.
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Captain and passengers of the Royal Charlie to Judge [Commissioner of Police] Pemberton, 28 June 1860, reporting that their vessel had been fired upon. Signed by Captain John Jenkins, W.J. Dennis, F.R. Despard, J.A. Andrews, William Isaacs, George H. Anderson and Heirim Weirs.
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Pemberton to W.A.G. Young, Acting Colonial Secretary, 29 June 1860, forwarding copy of the letter from the Royal Charlie and requesting military assistance.
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Douglas to Baynes, 30 June 1860, thanking him for the assistance rendered by his forces.
Documents enclosed with the main document (transcribed)
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I request you will inform my Lds. Commnd of the admiralty that during the last 10 months Indian Tribes, from the N. of Vancouver, Queen Charlotte Island & the neighbourhood of Fort Simpson, have been allowed to locate themselves about Victoria close to the Esquimalt road, until their numbers have reached some thousands. They are all well armedManuscript imagearmed & there have been continual feuds between the different tribes, no two of which appear to agree, & the consequence has been that several lives have been lost & the road in the vicinity of their Lodges rendered dangerous to passers by from the frequent discharges of muskets.
A chief of the Tongas tribe having been shot by the Hydah's the govr of this colony decided on moving theManuscript imagethe whole from the place they had encamped in, giving each tribe a spot large enough for their lodges completely apart from each other with strong injunctions to avoid committing any outrage as they would be arrested & punished for it.
To show them that resistance would be impossible I had a review of the Marines of the Squadron that day close to Victoria, & the whole was carried out without difficulty. TheManuscript imageThe following day I received the enclosed requisition from the govr: a Schooner leaving Victoria having been fired into by the Hydah Tribe. I immediately ordered a hundred Mariner, under Captain Magin to be landed with directions to place himself in communication with the Magistrate sent by the govr & give every assistance to the civil Power; at the same time to use the greatest discretion in dealing with the Indians &Manuscript image& two boats from the "Ganges" with guns were sent round to the harbour of Victoria to prevent any escape. The whole force being under the command of Commr Burgoyne of the Ganges.
The result was that the Indians finding themselves surrounding two men were given up & about 100 Muskets with some revolvers and knives taken from them and deposited in the police office. IManuscript imageI would request you to lay before their [???] the enclosed copy of a letter from govr Douglas suppressing his thanks for the service rendered.
The govr having decided that the Northern Tribes coming to Victoria were not to land with their arms, & having consulted now on the best method of carrying this into effect, I have for the present stationed an armed boat with a gun at the entrance of Victoria Harbour, commanded byManuscript imageby a Lieutenant, to stop all Northern Canoes, entering unless they deliver up their arms for which a receipt will be given: & they be deposited in the Police Office until their departure, when on producing the receipt the arms will be returned.
An unfortunate occurrence took place on the 2nd Inst, Two Hydah Chiefs Captain John & his brother were apprehended & taken to the Police Office on a charge of murdering a Tongas chief. When placed in charge of the jailer to secureManuscript imagesecure them for the night they drew their knives & attacked the Policeman & were both shot by the latter in defending themselves.
I have &c (Signed) Rr Admiral & Commander in Chief