Booth to Under-Secretary of State
Marine Department
Board of Trade
1 February 1860
Referring to the Vote of last Session of Seven Thousand Pounds (£7000) for the erection of Lighthouses in Fucas Straits and Esquimault Harbour Vancouvers Island, I am directed by the Lords of the Committee of Privy Council for Trade to acquaint you that the Governor of that Colony has drawn on the Board of Trade on account of that Vote for the sums of Eight hundred pounds (£800) and Seven hundred pounds (£700) making in all One Thousand five hundred pounds (£1500) and to request that you will moveManuscript imagemove His Grace The Duke of Newcastle to instruct the Governor to furnish the Board of Trade,
Govr has been instructed.
in accordance with the letter from the Treasury to the Colonial Office of the 4th August 1859 with an Account of the Expenditure to the latest date together with the Vouchers.
For the information of the Governor My Lords direct me to state that the expenditure incurred by the Board of Trade in this Country for the supply of the Lanterns Apparatus &c is as follows.

Race Rocks Light
£ s d
Messrs Wilkins Contract for Lantern 844. 9. 6
do do Framework 371.17. 0
Messrs Chance's do Optical Parts 1030. .

Esquimalt Harbour Light

Messrs Wilkins Contract for Lantern 229.10. 0
Manuscript image Messrs Wilkins Contract for Framework &c 72.18. 7
Messrs Chance's do Optical Parts 89. .
Messrs Wilkins Acct for lightning Conductors 52.16. 3
3 Months Salary advanced to George Davis
and Wm Roberts 62.10. 0
Passages of George Davis, William Roberts
and Wife and 3 Children of George
in "Grecian" 99.15. 0
Shipping agents Commission of 2 1/2 per
Cent on ditto 3. 8. 3
Freight of Lanterns &c in "Grecian" 189.19. 6
Oil & Lighting Stores about 220. .
£3266. 4. 1

I have etc.
James Booth
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
Forward to Govr for infn & guidance, with reference to previous instructions.
ABd 2/2
Annex dt.
HM F 2