Grecian was a British bark, captained by Robert B. Miller, that carried passengers and cargo to Vancouver Island via the Sandwich Islands in 1860.1 The ship's cargo included construction materials intended for lighthouses at Esquimalt and Race Rocks. Lighthouse keepers William Roberts and George Davies, who was accompanied by his family, also made the voyage.2
According to Victoria's Daily British Colonist, when the ship arrived at Victoria, the passengers and crew [spoke] in the severest terms of the conduct of Captain Miller during the voyage.3 They claimed that Miller was drunk for the majority of the trip, and, as a result of this, while moored at Honolulu, the British Consul had ordered him to remove all liquor from the ship. Miller appeared to comply, but when the voyage resumed, he was found drunk again. A search of his cabin revealed two casks of ale, two casks of porter, and six dozen and a-half casks of sherry wine.4 The day after this report appeared, Miller rebutted the charges against him in a letter to the editor of the paper, denying that he had been ordered to throw my liquor overboard, and arguing that the only liquor in my room was the sherry wine.5
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