Moody to Under-Secretary of State
7th April 1860
I beg to enclose herewith a copy of a correspondence between His Excellency and myself on the subject of the Military Occupation of the Island of San Juan and in continuation of that a copy of which I had the honor of transmitting for the information of Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Colonies with my letter of the 14th Ulto.
I have the honor to be, Sir,
Your most obedient, humble Servant,
R.C. Moody
Col. Comg

To The Under Secretary of State for the Colonies
&c &c &c
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
See 5477.
Acke. through the Governor.
ABd 1 June
I fully agree with Mr Blackwood that an acknowledgement of the receipt is quite enough.
TFE 2 June
CF 4
N 5
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Moody to Douglas, 29 March 1860, expressing regret that Captain Parsons had not been allowed to carry out his instructions, and asking that copies of their correspondence be forwarded to the secretary of state.
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Captain R.M. Parsons to Moody, 23 March 1860, reporting Douglas had declined his services, and enclosing related correspondence.
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Parsons to Douglas, 20 March 1860, asking what he felt he should do, since his services were not required.
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W.A.G. Young, Acting Colonial Secretary, to Parsons, 20 March 1860, explaining Douglas's reasons for declining his services and suggesting he go to San Juan on the Satellite if he so wished.
Other documents included in the file
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 24, 11 June 1860.